Aloe Vera: So Many Advantages to Let It Go out of Hand

My personal experience first

I have found aloe vera very useful for stomach problems. I have used this plant on various occasions (of course for stomach problems) and it has not disappointed me. So, if you have any sort of (I say it again "any sort of") stomach disorder I recommend you to take aloe vera gel (about half of the leaf) just removing the green part. That’s how I do it and it has worked for me within just one to two intakes most of the times. Mostly during the festivals, we get too much blessed with delicious dishes that we fall prey of food poisoning, diarrhea, heartburn and so on. I have found Aloe Vera very soothing and relieving in such situations. There are allopathic alternatives too but they are neither easily accessible nor without side-effects. Aloe Vera can be a handy remedy, in these type of situations.

Even for the use of skin, I have found Aloe Vera very good. Although I don’t use it on my skin on a regular basis, because I don't have enough mature Aloe Vera plants now, they are great whenever I use them. In most of the conditions its external uses are beneficial and harmless too.

Mature Aloe Vera Plant
A Mature Aloe Vera Plant

Summarizing the benefits of Aloe Vera

  • It has a high nutritional value. It is very good source of amino acids, various minerals and vitamins. (I have heard that it has 200 plus useful elements and compounds.)
  • It strengthens your digestive system too. It is helpful in most of the stomach related diseases.
  • It is very useful for burns due to fire.
  • It is useful for your hair and skin as it keeps them smooth and fresh. (I have even heard that if you use it regularly on your hairs, they will remain in their natural color forever.)
  • It keeps our body cool in summer.

Some precautions with the use of Aloe Vera

  • The people with low blood pressure are not advised to consume its bitter part. Only the tasteless gel (transparent part inside the leaf) can be consumed. However, it is just opposite with the case of those with high blood pressure (High BP).
  • Those who have pain in their spine or knees should not use it.
  • Also do not consume it much in winter season.

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